Our Care Management Program

Our Care Management Program is performed by Registered Nurse Care Managers under the direction of the Extended MLTC Medical Director. Our Care Managers perform individual health risk assessments for all Members and work with you, your family and your physician to assist in facilitating the delivery of quality health services in the most appropriate and least restrictive manner.


The purpose of our Care Management Program is to:

  1. Increase disease prevention and reduce desease progression;
  2. Promote early detection of serious medical problems;
  3. Promote member outreach and education to assist through self-care;
  4. Establish a collaborative relationship between your Care Manager and your Physician through information sharing (where applicable).


Non-Covered Services, which may be paid for by Medicare and/or Medicaid separately, primarily include the following: Inpatient Hospital Services, Physician Services, Laboratory and Radiology Services, Emergency Transportation, Mental Health Services and Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs.

Our Care Managers can assist you in arranging for medically necessary Non-Covered Services. Upon enrollment approval, you will receive your Welcome Letter and Benefit ID Card in the mail.

Your personally assigned Nurse Care Manager will call you to welcome you to the Extended Managed Long Term Care program, provide you with her contact information and answer any questions you may have.